What VPN To Use In China?   9 Insiders’ Opinions

What VPN To Use In China? 9 Insiders’ Opinions

So you want to know what VPN you should use here when you’re in China? Well I live here in China, and on Instagram I teach the everyday Chinese you need–to communicate what you want to about 18,000 people. So I asked a bunch of them what VPNs they use, and I’ll just share with you nine, no eleven people’s opinions of the VPNs they use I also will share with you what VPN I use. And I’m gonna tell you right now. No VPN is perfect here in China. The Chinese government does actively block Google and Snapchat and YouTube and Facebook and Hulu and even iTunes sometimes through something that’s call the great firewall. So then you’re gonna be like, “Kwadwo how can you use a VPN in China isn’t it illegal?” Well, yes and no. It’s a gray area. Right now the Chinese still let VPNs in. But there’s like over 300,000 foreigners, as in people that are not Chinese, that live in China. So I don’t think China is gonna completely block the internet–at least the free internet. It hasn’t done it yet. Let’s see what people are saying, and you can make your own decision. The first VPN you probably wanna know about is ExpressVPN. I did a poll of what my followers use and by far Express VPN is the most popular. So Gabriella R. says that, “Don’t go for it. It’s slow to connect.” “Doesn’t always connect, and even when connected, the connection will often fail.” She uses Express combined with Astrill. The VPNs and how they work, depend on what city you’re in. Next Express opinion. I asked Josh R. and he said, “Express VPN is very reliable and good value for the money.” Their 24-hour help service is great. Morena gives us the next Express VPN opinion Most of the time it works well. It got blocked last week. The problem was quickly fixed again. I’m happy with it. Those government meetings happen anywhere from three to four times a year. But you also have to know most people use Express in China. So the fact that it’s still up and running kinda tells you how good the company is. Let me tell you the prices for the three VPNs. That way you have something to compare in your mind. And if you want to get any of those VPNs, head down to the descriptions below. Those VPN links are affiliate links. That means the companies will share a little bit of the cost with me and that’s how I support my channel and keep making the videos about Chinese that you love. So I do appreciate your support and I hope that I can give you good information. So as of today, August 9th Express VPN for 12 months costs $8.32. Which means you’re gonna pay 99 dollars for a year service plan. Astrill VPN which is the VPN I use. And the only VPN I’ve used since I quit my day job last year. costs $8.33 a month. If you get the year plan, that is $99 dollars a year. And the last VPN we’ll be talking about today is Nord VPN. And that one is the cheapest, coming in at $6.99 per month. That would be $83.88 annually. Again, those VPN links are in the descriptions below. You can do down there and compare the prices. So let’s talk about Astrill. I do use it. It’s super stable for me. Not stable for everyone. When I asked on Instagram what was the most popular VPN, Odembo said Express and Astrill. Express in general but many people have been decamping to Astrill. Astrill takes less than a second to connect and connects every time. Express is the opposite. Sydsargent said Astrill is awesome. You pay $99 a year for it and it doesn’t fault. But Tom White in Beijing said. Express VPN is very… That’s not supposed to be… Well I guess you get an extra opinion. Express VPN is very reliable, so I would tell them to get it. It doesn’t work when political events happen, but other than that, it’s fast and has a good support team. Rozel B. said not to get Express. Every time there are government meetings, Express is the one VPN who’s issues last the longest. When I asked her what she’d recommend she said She hasn’t used anything yet, but people recommend Astrill. So now onto Nord VPN. Tieren said she’s only heard good things about Nord VPN. She uses Nord VPN and she hasn’t heard anyone complain about it. JWIBI has had a completely different experience with NordVPN. Since July 2018 it worked–and on the Apple phone. But then around December, it hasn’t been working. They told her to connect manually to servers and do techie stuff. That was kind of annoying. And eventually, it just stopped working and she had to get a different VPN on her phone. Yehia3z says basically used NordVPN for half a year. and sometimes it’s not working. Even though she was in a premium version of Nord and not a free trial. Oh by the way NordVPN offers a free trial here in China as does Express VPN. Astrill does not offer a free trial here in China. When I asked Fiona R. if she knows anyone that uses Nord VPN she said most people use Express and that’s very true. Most people use Express. Slightly fewer people use Astrill and even fewer than that use Nord VPN. In the descriptions below, you can find links and compare the prices to those VPNs on your own. Click or tap the screen right there if you want to see a video of the most popular VPNs in China. I did a poll and an Excel spread sheet. Click or tap the screen right there if you want to see another video from me on Elementary Chinese. My name’s Kwadwo, teaching you the everyday Chinese you need–to communicate what you want. Good Good Study Day Day UP.

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28 thoughts on “What VPN To Use In China? 9 Insiders’ Opinions”

  • Live in China? Which VPN do you use? 👇🏾👇🏾 How happy are you with it? 🤷🏾‍♂️
    Here are the VPN links I mentioned in the video.
    Express VPN: https://www.linkev.com/?a_fid=elementarychinese
    Astrill VPN: https://astrillaff.com/a/y16x7bjwl97s
    NordVPN: http://bit.ly/quayjoNordVPN

  • your map in the thumbnail has taiwan on it, luckily taiwan ain't part of China so we don't need any VPNs to look at whatever we want 😁

  • I use Express. I've been in China for almost 2 years. My first year I was up north in Tianjin, and never had any issues with it. I moved down south closer to Shanghai last November, and started having issues. There was a major outage a few months ago and Express was completely offline for almost a week. That was a bad hit. I still have connection issues now & then..But fortunately it will connect after trying different locations…for now. By the way, most Chinese locals I work with also use VPN's. They turned me on to a few free ones when I was having problems with Express.

  • I've used Shadowsocks previously (set up by the company I interned for, wouldn't have a clue how to set up myself) but I use Express at the moment and definitely second that comment made about political events, whenever there's something major going on Express tends to get iffy or down completely. my subscription with Express is nearly up so have been considering other options, might try out Astrill for a year this time, mix it up a bit 😂

  • I use Express VPN and it has been very reliable. Even when glitchy, usuallu an update or reconnect will do the trick.

  • ExpressVPN is pretty good their beta app gets updated faster so reconnecting is faster while connections are blocked

  • I use Express VPN – as Netflix works with it. On my android phone I have Turbo VPN as it seems to work better.

  • I've not used any of these but so far Express is the most used and advertised in china, Nord is becoming more popular by the day but I used Proton which has been very good for my daily usage.

  • Don't get caught without a VPN! Sucks when you fly in and can't get the good stuff! I've been an Astrill user for 6 + years. Great customer service, always reliable.

  • Thanks for the info…. Please do a video on FREE VPNs too … We Students don’t usually like paying for stuff 😝

  • I use some strange VPN called TX vpn. Quite good though and always respond everytime you click to connect…….but not when you are eating burger…😃😃😃😃😃😃…..

  • One of the best vpn's ever is express vpn from my friends experience…. I personally use hotspot shield and it is working just fine

  • I mostly use free Vpns. I have three of them on my phone (Turbo, secure and Super). I use them interchangeably all the time 😃

  • I’ve used express VPN for a while and I’ve been pretty happy with it save for some days that the servers just didnt work!
    At the moment I’m using a free VPN because I just need it for one device for now: PandaVPN. It’s actually not so bad! It hasn’t let me down this past month I’ve been using it.

  • Nice one, informational for foreigners. If you are planning to go to china make sure you already installed some of those vpns 👍

  • Thanks, Quadwo, for the feedback from your followers. I am going to consider adding Astrill now to my VPN arsenal!

  • express vpn sucks…unstable, nord vpn ironically own by chinese… (so i been told) astril didn't use nord vpn a bit better then express but still not good. today like during the late night epxress vpn worked find in china during the day time… nightmare.