Web Hosting For Small Businesses

Hey everybody Mike Linville
of Black Dog Education to answer your questions on web design, web development, and online
marketing in this week’s installment of Office Hours. Now I have to first of all apologized
for the ghetto video I took the video camera that we usually use out on shoot this last
weekend and I broke it, so I’m shooting this video with my computer so bare with me, hopefully
the content will be worth it, and we’ll be back up and running in the next week or so.
This weeks question came in via Facebook page and the question is should I be using Go Daddy
for my business website hosting? Now here’s the thing, with website hosting you know this
question came about Go Daddy but realistically we can talk about the same question for any
one of the hundreds of thousands of low tier web hosting companies around like GoDaddy,
or bluehost, or hostgator oneandone, there are a bunch of these companies that will charge
4, 5, 6 dollars for hosting and the question really goes for all of them. So here’s what
happens, when you investigate a company for your web hosting you know they really also
are pretty much serve the same purpose they all have the same types of services they’ll
do your website hosting, e-mail service, domain name registrations, secure certificates, they’ll
do all those things. If you really take a look at the sizes of the accounts what they
give you in terms of disk space, bandwidth, all that other stuff, it’s all pretty similar,
the control panels are different GoDaddy uses their own version. Bluehost uses a control
panel called C-panel I like that one. Some are easier to use than others but realistically
that just boils down to a personal preference in my honest opinion, in my humble opinion
if you will, what makes a video, excuse me, what makes a hosting company worth your business
really boils down to two things, and the two things you need to focus on are called server
usage and support. So when we talk about server usage what we’re really talking about is the
performance of the server how is the server handling all of the requests that are being
sent to it. Now for what ever reason some people get mesmerized by 5 dollar web hosting,
it’s just hosting it’s all got to be the same. The of the matter is that all hosting isn’t
the same. The real difference between a five dollar hosting server and a ten dollar hosting
server is that there are probably twice as many websites on the $5 hosting server. Companies
that do hosting are in business, they’re there to do business so if they can put more people
on a server then they’ll do that now the bet that they make is that they’ll be able to
put a whole bunch of people on a server that don’t really have a lot performance coming
off of their website so if you can get 500 people in a room that aren’t really talking,
then it isn’t going to be a really loud room, but once you start getting 1 or 2 people in
there with a loud voice, same thing with a website once you actually get a couple of
websites on that server to really start drawing a lot of traffic what happens is that decreases
the performance for everybody so when were talking about server performance one of the
key things that I like to look at is load, it’s called server load and that is just a
number used to represent the number of how the request to be processed on the server
so for example if you run a command on a Linux server called top what that will do is give
you an idea about all the different processes that are currently running at one time. Alright
so here on screen what we’re looking at are 2 Windows side-by-side and what these are
terminal windows that are logged into two separate servers so the server on the left
is the Black Dog Studios hosting server this is our dedicated server this is what I would
consider an undersold server so if you take a look at the very top line and the area that
we’re concerned about is this one that says load average and you’ll see it says 0.43,
0.41, 0.33 and those are the loads on the server for the last currently for the last
five minutes I believe the last 15 minutes now if we take a look at the window on the
right-hand side of this is the same command: top command that runs the top processes running
on the server but this is the same exact same process running on a bluehost server. If we
take a look at the load averages for blue host we’re going to see this reading a 9.37,
10.93 and 9.84 and again ours is a 0.33, there’s is 8.93 and what happens is when you have
load values that are under a one so .99 and below what that means is that these processes
request to the server are handled as soon as they come in. Anything over 1 goes into
a queue and has to wait to be processed. So obviously we’re talking .78 right now versus
8.4 that’s at least a factor of 10 and realistically what that means is that one servers has 50
clients on it and the other has 500. That’s performance and that’s really what you should
be looking at, or at least that’s at least one of the things you should be looking at.
Now the second thing I think this is probably the most important thing you should really
be looking at when you are talking about setting up a housing account for your business website
and that’s support. Now you obviously can’t afford or you shouldn’t have to put up with
your site going down and but can’t sit here and tell you that bad hosts always break and
good host never break. Hosting servers are just computers they’re machines they break,
sometimes things happen here’s the key when something does happen, when and if something
does happen first of all how long will your site to be down and then second of all are
you going to be able to find somebody that can help you as quickly as possible? Are you
have to go through a process where you get handed from one tech to another tech to another
tech before you can get your issue solved or are you going to be able to get on the
phone call somebody give the issue handled and be done with it because realistically
as small-business owners you’re busy. You don’t have time to be doing this kind of stuff
right the reason why we provide hosting here at Black Dog Studios, I only do for my clients
so if you aren’t a client don’t even ask, but the reason why I offer it to my clients
is because it’s a service right. Client calls me whether they want to have an e-mail account
set up whether they have an issue with their website they need me to look at, they don’t
go into some sort of a phone tree. When they call they get me or one of my technicians
and can be handled right then and there there is no need for a second call there’s no need
for things like that that’s the reason why we host to make money on it? Not really most
of the months we probably lose a little bit but as a service provider that was something
I wanted to give my clients and it just makes it easier for them to be business with me
so again that’s what you want to be taking a look at when you’re talking about hosting
you want to go look at the server loads right because not all hosting is created the same
but also you want to be taking a look at support or how quickly are you going to be able to
get services if something does happen to your website and that’s all there is to it so again
I have to apologize for the video shooting it on the imac here, it’s actually not that
bad of a camera the audio doesn’t sound too bad, but next time we will absolutely have
it in place so that we get our video camera up and running again, and again this is my
fault so if you like this video you know what to do. Make sure you like it on Facebook,
make sure you share it with all your friends, do that social thing you do so you help get
the word out about the education to your business partners, and cohorts and your associates
and all those other people. Again this is Mike Linville from Black Dog Education, I
want to say thank you very much for putting up with the video, we’ll talk to you soon.

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