Trump Blames Obama For Weak U.S. Pandemic Response

Trump Blames Obama For Weak U.S. Pandemic Response

Yesterday, Donald Trump held a press conference
standing alongside Mike Pence, where he kind of explained why the pandemic is happening
here in the United States or why it’s finally starting to spread in this country. And of course, in true Trump form, it’s all
Obama’s fault. According to Donald Trump himself at this
little gathering yesterday, Obama did it. Obama allegedly handicapped all of the scientists
in this country so that they couldn’t research infectious diseases and work on preventing
pandemics. And actually it was Mike Pence who had to
come and explain that because Trump didn’t go that far. Trump just blamed it on Obama. He just said, this is Obama’s fault. Obama did this to us. What are we going to do now? And Pence had to say, well, actually it’s
because the FDA was, they were given this whole authority. No, no, no, no, no. Listen, folks, scientists in this country
have been handicapped, yes, by the president of the United States, but not the former one. The current one. Donald Trump is the one who is slashing their
budget at the FDA, at the department of health and human services. Donald Trump is the one who runs an administration
that is literally firing scientists from prominent positions, getting rid of scientific review
and instead replacing these people with hacks from the industries that they’re supposed
to be, you know, looking into. Trump is the one assaulting science here. It is not Barack Obama. Barack Obama is not the reason that this virus
is now spreading throughout the United States. That honor 100% goes to Donald Trump. Think about it this way, folks. We knew about this thing starting over there
in China, yeah, two months ago, two months ago. We knew that this thing was bad. We knew that this thing was over there and
we knew that as a country we needed to do something to prevent it from coming over here. Trump sat on his thumbs for two months, did
nothing until last week by putting one of the dumbest members of his administration
in charge of the response to this pandemic. Obama didn’t do that. Obama has been out of office for over three
years now, folks. You can’t blame things on him anymore. If he did something that Trump felt kind of
kneecapped the FDA or kneecapped scientists here in the United States, he could have undone
that at any point in the last three plus years. But he didn’t. This is Trump now folks. You know the, the day Obama left office, you
immediately, Republicans started giving Trump credit for the economy. Well, if you want to give him credit for things,
you also have to have him take the blame and this one’s on him. He is the one cutting these agencies. He is the one shutting scientists out of the
conversation. He is the one going on corporate media and
lying to us about what’s actually happening. Last night, said that the death toll from
the world health organization is fake news. The man’s insane. He’s lying to us about this. He knows he’s failing. So he turns to that old Republican standby,
thanks Obama. Not going to cut it with this one man, because
we know who’s in charge now. We know who is calling the shots and it sure
as heck isn’t Obama, although most of us at this point probably wish it was.

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100 thoughts on “Trump Blames Obama For Weak U.S. Pandemic Response”

  • Let’s say it was Obama, the Dotard T-Rump and he has been sitting on his fat ass with the Do Not Returdicans (a mayority until last year in both houses) and … bing bing bang?

  • If Trump catches coronavirus…he'll still blame Obama for it…even though those two haven't been in the same state since 2017…

  • Everyone should get ready for having Trump 4 more years now.. There is no way Biden beats Trump.. It will be 2016 all over again with one change.. The black voters will only have themselves to blame this time when Trump wins 4 more years.. They will not be able to blame Russia this time.. Biden has tried to screw black voters his whole career but the black people just did not open their eyes to see it.. Sad how Biden has fooled them and I hope when Trump beats Biden they realize they made a mistake but it will be too late then..I AM 63 YEARS OLD WITH MEDICARE AND VA HEALTHCARE AND SOCIAL SECURITY AND I WILL NEVER VOTE FOR BIDEN BECAUSE HE IS WORSE THAN TRUMP.. The black people and Boomers just do not care about the younger peoples future or the future of this country and they are proving that to us by voting for Biden.. SAD

  • As the lazy racist the Tyrannosenex Rump T-Rump has to blame the Black Guy, someone that according was an alien. Blame the black, blame the alien.

  • Trump claimed earlier on Twitter that Gallup polling said his response to the virus is the best ever seen.  Yet wouldn't share any polling data or link to prove it, and I called him out on it that he's lying.

  • Trump, what a pathetic lunatic. Produces shit and blames others for his failures. Ridiculous. Shoot him to Mars.

  • Rationalization, justification, minimization and denial are Trump's only coping tools. Same as the typical drug addict or convicted felon.

  • Didn't the Russian scientist discover some unknown viruses underneath the thick ice in Siberia…global warming that melted the ice…? Putin and his evil scientist wasted no time making a combination of viruses…to get rid of Trump's enemies. That's why the clusters can't be trace to China!!!

  • Shit… I'm tryna figure out how this is Obama's fault, when this orange turbit has been doing his best to undo his legacy? Maybe if this was ebola and if Obama was currently in office, damn right. But, ummmz, Obama been out of office for 3yrs and the Corona- virus is now. Could one of you Trump leeches please explain how this is Obama's fault. And I'm going to need you to state your point and your supporting argument. Damn! I forgot who I was asking to do this shit, I just remembered that these Trump leeches have little to no education to understand what I'm asking of them!!! LMAO!!!

  • D. Trump He wants to destroy Barack Obama. I am so Sorry. But Not way.. No words to express I extremely Sorry Mr Trump.Barack Obama is. To Big you never can be Like Him

  • Why do the american people put up with this shity man, Why isnt he stopped. I have to assume, we are stupit people

  • Trump you must like Obama's dick and you like Russia president to screwed your ass 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕💩💩💩💩💩💩🚀🛬🛫✈

  • The shame in this whole trump s**t storm is the M-Fer's who still try to justify why they still support that ignorant/insane bastard.

  • Obama live in trump head for free, Obama, Obama, Obama always Obama, grow up you f**king a**hole, no one is that stupid.

  • In British slang, however, “to trump” (intransitive verb) also means to expel gas through the anus — e.g. Trumped from eating too much baked beans — often in a highly audible way (as in with trailing sound).

  • The cowardly, lying failure named Trump is wasting many billions of taxpayer dollars on investigations of his paranoid imaginations. The money could have been used to fund scientific medical actions to save the lives of coronavirus infections.

  • Eventually we'll all be able to play Trumpism Bingo. Whenever this dumbass screws up, we can just pull out a bingo card and mark off which of his favorite punching bags he'll try to place the blame on. Democrats, Fake News, Main Stream Media, Leakers, Obama, Hillary, Scientist, People who contradict him, People who aren't blindly 100 loyal, Minorities, War Veterans. etc.

    As soon as this virus started to proliferate, I started marking off the squares in my head. I almost have a full Bingo already. People who believe in this piece of shit of a fake president deserve the misfortune he'll bring onto them. He can't even brag about a strong economy anymore! Although that doesn't stop him from trying….

  • If Trump blew up the world, whoever survives to listen to this idiot, "It was Obama's fault. Obama made me push the button to cause fire and fury which the world has seen. I wasn't going to do it but Obama made me do it. It's the Obama Administration's fault the world has suffered," would still believe this jackass!!! At some point, when does his Obama meal ticket expire? His supporters, himself, his family and the Republicans have all gotten fat off the name of Barack Obama.

  • That's all Traitor Trump does, is blame someone else for his weaknesses and faults! Trump is an insane psychopath who has no right being president! He should have been removed from office if the crooked repub senators hadn't "BETRAYED" their oaths to the constitution and let him off the hook even though they knew he was guilty as sin!

  • I'd love to see Obama stride up to Trump at one of his helicopter press things and punch him off his fat, fucking feet. Possibly chucking in a kick to the bollocks

  • A real man owns up to mistake no matter how uncomfortable it may be cowards lied cheat and blame others

  • Impeached trump blarr blarr blarr blur blur blur bing bing bing bong bing not everybody knows this blur blur bing bing bing bong bing.
    What a Wanker! 🦧🍄💩🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊

  • I don't know…but wasn't it tRump that closed the department and fired everyone, not to mention cut their budget to almost nothing?

  • Don'cha know Obama is to blame for EVERYTHING? even the blame rests squarely on his own shoulder's Maybe he shouldn't have cut the CDC Fast Response team by 30%. What, exactly, did Obama have to do with that?

  • Of course it's the fault of Obama, it's also the fault of Obama that his children are dimwit and that his casinos went bankrupt and that his dad didn't pull out in time.

  • Dude's been president 4 years and still blames the former black president for everything. Didn't mention he gutted the CDC.

  • Mental health issues and lies have spread to all Conservatives the whole World over, guess who's spreading that virus, I'll give you a clue, it wasn't Barrack Obama.

  • Trump got it all wrong it's not Obama's fault it's Hillary Clinton's fault it's all because of her emails yeah that sounds good would somebody please shoot him in the head can't believe you still alive Abraham Lincoln shot and it had assassinated John F Kennedy shot and a hat assassinated Bobby Kennedy shot assassinated for God's sake Ronald Reagan even got shot all good people what a shame what a loss and Trump is still walking around we have all the Republican Senators and congressmen and women to thank for this mess they own it they acquitted him it's on their desk please everybody vote

  • Trump only knows how to blame people. He doesn’t know how to solve problems. He’s just a “decider” and finds someone to blame to get people fired up. It’s sad and dangerous. We need to rid him in November.

  • How the hell could this be Obama fault? Trump is the one that defines The CDC because that makes no sense at all.. He just cannot take responsibility for anything!! Like someone else said, that Correspondence Dinner is still in his head and he's butt hurt!!

  • tRumptards are trained better than Pavlov's dogs…….he says "Obama did it " and they cum in their pants.
    At least Hillary was correct about one thing……they are all " deplorables "

  • The issue I see here is that many in the community experience life in 2D.
    They do t understand that to get here has a cause, and what happens now has a consequence.
    Much like economics.
    The bigger problem is that many also see the budget, coronavirus, and personal prosperity in the same 2D light.
    Even worse, trump sees governance the same way… nothing we experience today was caused by anything, and even if what we do is wrong, there is no consequence.
    Bad parenting.

  • So LIAR in chief according to him cannot be held accountable. Fuck him, OBAMA is a champ, he is not at fault! AZUL MI RAZA! AZUL RALEA! VOTE BLUE! VOTE BLUE MI RAZA!!!!

  • Normally the whole country should start to laugh …. but … nothing.
    The citizens are simply too stupid to judge how stupid their president is.


  • Trump want take responsibility for anything he does wrong he is the biggest hypocrite just a sorry piece of shit

  • What The Toddler needs to do is EXPLAIN to everyone WHY two years ago he CUT
    funding for the CDC's Pandemic Surveillance Unit, so there's now NONE!

  • It's frustrating to find life once again f**d up by a narcissist. Such a short respite after the other one in my life died.

  • Funny how he is blaming another administration when he's the one who killed the program that past administrations had in place. I'd say LMFAO but, there's nothing funny about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • He is totally and completely obsessed with Obama, it's like Obama is his secret elementary school crush.

  • If he's insane then why can't we implement the 25th Amendment and get rid of this idiot Trump? He's clearly not in his right mind. Unless the Republicans think this is the norm for somebody to act. Remember folks we can vote Lindsey Graham and McConnell out of office that would be big! So when it's time to get out and vote that's fire these greedy, racist, heartless, assholes! Let's end this madness this year, Bernie Sanders president 2020!!!!!

  • Trump blames Obama for toilet paper being stuck to Trumps shoe. Trump blames Obama for not teaching Trump how to wipe his ass before Obama leaves the Whitehouse.

  • Why is no one attack the office in the White House that Obama set up for the US to deal with Pandemic?
    Why did this office fail so badly?
    It not like Donald Trump would be so stupid that he get rid of that office.
    That would be stupid and dangerous .
    What that?
    President Donald Trump did get rid that that office?
    Why should we vote for someone whom did something that Stupid and Dangerous?

    And What Happen to the Health Care Plan that Trump talked about as a candidate during his speech at Madison Alabama? The one that would provide more people with better coverage for less money ?
    He promised to tell us that plan after he was elected.
    Well he was sworn in in January of 2017. Have I missed that plan?
    Or was it just another lie from a professional Liar?

  • Trump hates Obama. So what else is new? Trump has done everything he can to destroy, dismantle, and remove everything Obama did. I wonder how he will feel when the next president that replaces him does the same thing to what Trump has kinda accomplished.

  • Lmao at the sellout coward Trump……Trump has never done anything wrong! No he never shit in his diapers, never pissed the bed, didn't eat all the cookies, wasn't a draft dodger, wasn't a cheating man in his marriages, never paid for any abortions, always was a honest businessman, always been a great father!
    Trump is a piece of shit!

  • I´m kind of happy that Trump blames Obama again and again. Everybody knows Trump and his games & lies. Imagine someone other blamed Obama – that would make me angry. But accussations from Trump are fine. It´s Trump.

  • Trump blames others for what he has done he went to China. I think its a man made virus he did it. Think it's the second largest oil co. He is so in with Russia .funny it never got to Russia or Ukraine lol