Rare Commodore Computers Unboxing/Commodore Console 4 boxes!

Rare Commodore Computers Unboxing/Commodore Console 4 boxes!

I can’t believe this is AWESOME! Box number one. Looks like we’ve got
a few Breadboxes (C64) in here.. it’s fantastic I love Commodore 64 and this one’s…very
light so obviously there’s no guts in it I’ve not seen a Commodore 64 look like this before What’s the story with this?
There’s a lot of holes unfortunately drilled into this Bread Box. Not sure what the purpose was… Do you have an idea? If you’ve got any ideas please let me know in the comments below, about what might have been used for. Maybe some sort of C64 music setup? I don’t know. It’s a lot of holes! Now, these little knobs, they turn so maybe they’re original something for mixing music I can’t work
out why so many holes in the back here… …all these little holes here… well if
anyone knows please definitely let me know, it’s quite bizarre. Box number
two. This may be a Commodore 64G? I would love to get a 64G for the museum…
but I believe… correct me if I’m wrong this must be a C64c keyboard inside a
standard BreadBox C64. I think the Commodore 64G has a green LED and other differences as well. Still very nice Commodore 64. This one feels like it’s got some weight and I looks a lot more standard nice looking example though and wow it’s a low serial number 13,424 I would have thought this C64 would almost be like a SILVER LABEL number but obviously this has no silver label. Now just a
comparison with the the keys the standard Bread Box keys and also the C64C keys in a BreadBox which one do you think looks better? Box number two. We’ve got
some Amiga 500 stuff. Oh this is quite handy I still haven’t replaced the
REVISION 7 casing for my Amiga 500 this one looks in really good condition
so I’ll use that one. Another Amiga 500 motherboard. I need to be careful not to create static electricity. We have a little box… what’s in this little box? It looks like might be RAM for the
Amiga 500 Yes 512k RAM and some other thingies for the Amiga 500 and one was more RAM and some RAM covers. Nothing in there, that’s fine And finally another Amiga 500
motherboard & more newspaper most chips are gone. So that was the contents of this box This one’s a bit of a mystery box that came inside another box and I started to open. So thought I’d leave it for this
unboxing video. It’s got me perplexed as I don’t know where it
came from and whats inside. It’s in a bubble wrap and also
anti-static bag so this could be RAM? Maybe Hey interesting doyou have no idea what Commodore this comes from? If you do know, I know I could Google it, but might as well ask you because I’m no expert and might be easier
just ask you what Amiga is this from. Please let me know. Box number THREE.
This is awesome looking bubble wrap. ah I can’t believe it this is awesome!
I can’t wait to give this out this is box Now to get rid of that to recycle
cardboard as Kiwis are really into recycling. I can’t recycle the
bubble wrap but I will definitely use it to send other items out as well
Wow that’s awesome Commodore 116. I’ve never had one of
these in my hands before that’s so tiny It’s keys don’t feel that bad. But I can imagine how it would be a bit hard to do an essay on. That looks a nice looking
machine it’s very sleek looking and it looks very similar to that Commodore Plus4 I got recently in an unboxing video. Pretty compact, they’ve done well to put everything in a small little… container I might actually compare this with
the Commodore Plus4 as this looks like the baby of the Commodore Plus4. I’ve got my Plus4 here from a previous unboxing video… I might’ve exaggerated a little bit as
not really the size of a Commodore Plus4 baby… more like the younger brother off the
Commodore Plus4. It all of a sudden doesn’t feel that tiny after all that.
Definitely is smaller and definitely a nice addition to the Breadbox The Commodore
Computer Museum here in New Zealand Box number four A box inside a box. The box is
winning! and now the box is falling apart on me. What is this little
Mystery Machine We have got here a couple of old paddles Yeah this looks pretty old. I know what this is! I ordered this. This was actually the original style Commodore
Console Computer like a Pong clone. This Commodore was made about 1976 or 1977. Now we’ve got the AC charger. I believe this machine runs off 6 volts or 9 volts DC. This obviously is
not going to work here in New Zealand I’ll get my electrician friend to convert
this to NZ …it’s an usual little connection and here it is this is the the Commodore
3000H it’s a time period when everyone was releasing Pong clones and this is a
nice-looking machine. We have a dedicated paddle here. This is actually
a Four player machine so you’ve got your three pedals… two are add-ons & the dedicated one wired and also there’s one on the machine itself and there’s four games
you could choose if you choose Target Tennis Football (or soccer) and Squash
I’ll definitely do a restore video on this. My next video will be on this. We’ll turn
it on and we’ll see it’s a going so watch out for that in the next couple of
days okay. Thanks for watching everyone thats the unboxing video. I hope you
enjoyed it. It’s more awesome items for the BreadBox Commodore Computer Museum and look
forward to seeing you very soon with the next video

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3 thoughts on “Rare Commodore Computers Unboxing/Commodore Console 4 boxes!”

  • A C64G will have a label on the back that actually says 'C64G'. The breadbin case will also be a lighter color that matches the lighter color of the C64C keys.

    Also, that board is a serial/parallel adapter for Commodore's PC range of computers (PC-40, PC-60, etc.).