IBM & Problem Solvers: Zach Barnes, Farm Manager, Dole® (long-form)

IBM & Problem Solvers: Zach Barnes, Farm Manager, Dole® (long-form)

For farmers here, this is our life’s work. You know, 60 percent of the
nation’s lettuce is grown right here in Salinas. When it comes down to
how plants are looked at I really relate back to
how humans are raised and nurtured. I want to make sure that
everything is safe before it leaves the ranch. But when a recall happens,
perfectly good food goes to waste. You have to take all the
product off your shelf. No matter what age,
no matter where it came from It takes resources to grow
those things. Then now we’re actually
eating into our future food supply. But we’ve got a way
around that: Blockchain technology on
the IBM Cloud. We’re able to track our
product within seconds, giving the consumers instant
access where the product came from, in case there’s any recall
so we don’t have to take all the food off
the shelves. Having that instant access
allows you to reduce the waste. There’s a lot of starving
people in this world I want to be the
generation that fixes that.

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  • I wish, one day I can make good impact on peoples lives using technologies I learned through out the years. From IoT to mobile apps to cloud to robotics to agriculture. IBM is one of my inspiration, there are furious and awesome people works in IBM from years when personal computer was a new era. I used IBM Node-Red, IBM Cloud technologies earlier also I'm using those technologies today, they are awesome.