Gaming Notebook vs Prebuilt Desktop – Is There A WINNER?

well hello there well today my good
people we have an interesting competition that is about to happen in
front of me are two identical expect machines from Lenovo and identically
priced to would like put in $50 difference so one of these is gonna go
to mic one of them is gonna go to Eber they can do their own testing and we all
can see what the experience is like owning one of these machines boys take
it away we didn’t want to bring up something pretty important to you and
that is both of our systems are similarly SPECT the only difference is
that you have desktop class components and I have notebook components now in
terms of pricing that’s that’s something interesting because even though the we
are partially sponsored by Lenovo and this video is sponsored by legion we
actually went out and we purchased these ourselves we always been like 5 grand
yeah grand Canadian right just to give you an idea his system ended up costing
us around twenty two hundred dollars and the same thing with mine except mine was
about thirty dollars more than than his so considering the pricing and the specs
it’s gonna be really interesting to see how these two align with one another but
there is something else that I know that you guys are screaming at your screens
about right now because most of you guys build your own pcs these are or at least
my T730 is for somebody very very different it’s for people who don’t have
the time or who aren’t really inclined to build their own pcs it’s one of those
pre-built systems it comes out of the box it’s ready to go you just hook it up
to a monitor it’s even got a really basic mouse and keyboard but if you’re
interested in building your own custom PC you can check out my how to build a
gaming PC video right over here and if you’re interested in buying either of
these systems links will be in the description down below so what we really
wanted to do here is not only test performance from one system to another
but also from an experiential standpoint so this is actually gonna be one of my
first experiences with a pre-built system and it’s true actually it is you
have enough experiences with notebooks so I think I think we’re gonna split up
for a next couple of days and then we’re gonna meet back here with the benchmarks
can’t wait to compare those numbers let’s go
alright let’s go so it’s been a few days we have got our
fair amount of time testing both systems and you can actually see that my
girlfriend has sort of been busy with the all the decoration all day
decorators there’s a beautiful Christmas tree on that side of those just and
we’re at way and we’re at my table again like I’m in a Christmas shopping mall
I’ve got my new book all ready to go and where’s the desktop well oh wow
alright that is a monster but you know if this wins portability no it does not
so I think what we wanted to do is we wanted to start right away with the
perforce numbers because neither of us has seen each other’s performance
numbers we put them together yeah you know offline and now we’re just gonna
sort of combine them and see what’s what’s going on yeah but there’s an
irony here I know why do you have your notebook open because you’re supposed to
well you told me a screen in front of my face wouldn’t have been very inviting
and it wouldn’t have been good for your composition Michael you’re not getting
my point my point is my notebook comes with a screen but the desktop does not
know yeah it doesn’t know get it all right so what are we gonna look at here
we’re gonna look we’re gonna start with general performance yeah general
performance yeah we’re gonna start with general
performance oh oh okay all right well I think we’re I’m not surprised because
looking at these first numbers the the desktop does win but not by as much as I
thought yeah because if you look at Cinebench and even you know both are 15
and are 20 both in single core and multi-core I can’t tell if there’s a
major difference they’re only off by 10% which is amazing considering how a
notebook CPU competes with something like the 97 okay now do keep in mind
that I have more threads compared to the 9700 Kay yes but Santa bitch loves
threads well next up we are talking about drive speeds so you have the
fastest SSD which again not by much by about 5% maybe yeah and and surprisingly
my one terabyte hard drive is faster than yours
what yep yes yep it is faster but it’s the same
isn’t it the same Drive no it is not I do have a 7200 rpm Drive I just happened
to find that my right speeds are faster than your read speeds which is did you
happen to look what do i do have not really moving on to some real-world
tests we’re gonna do blender and again guys I am surprised easy but again there
doesn’t really seem to be a big huge difference except well look at the
premiere I was just about to bring that up like my notebook destroyed your
desktop so does that mean that the IGP was in well yes it was but you don’t for
some reason on the desktop no I from what I could see there was absolutely no
way to enable the IGP even though it has one integrated I went through the BIOS
and went through Lenovo Vantage ok so you did battery life but you know this
No that is a point to bring up I am gonna bring up that point why because if
I run out of power which which we have in the last couple of days actually why
we didn’t have one of our reviews up in time yeah so so so you know the fact
that I have a battery so that I can still run off of a battery power source
is pretty amazing whereas on your desktop side you’re out
of luck if power goes out then the whole system is up so you lose everything and
you never know alright so now it’s time to take a look at gaming performance you
ready I’m ready all right let’s do it Wow well you got
the Polish number one taking a look at actual games you do have the edge man
like that 97 under K at that sustain high clock speeds and the 27 e yeah Damo
here what kind of sacrifice you’re making with the max-q design you know
technically the specifications on that are TX card are the same it’s really the
clock speeds that are lower so there is a serious edge right now for the desktop
system but to give it another leg up lenovo allows for overclocking on the
k-series chip so what I ended up doing is there’s a little switch inside of
Vantage that allows you to it says overclock the CPU or overclock only
during gaming I just flat out overclock the CPU my clock speeds actually went up
in multi-threaded workloads from around 3.9 gigahertz
all the way up to in between for point three to four point four
gigahertz so and looking at these results I’m gonna have to bring these up
onto the screen right now and say look they did improve from a real-world
testing perspective and Cinebench r15 but at the same time gaming performs
didn’t improve all right so to conclude the performance between these two
systems I have to be honest I’m very impressed with how far the Nova can
catch up the desktop pc i’m horrified i wanted this thing to be so far ahead i
mean typically when you think about performance you typically go towards
desktop systems because they’re generally a lot faster than notebooks
but the fact that you can get that all in a portable package is pretty amazing
so i like that i I like it too but I don’t because there’s one thing that I
wanted to bring up and that’s the silence of this system the same can’t be
said about this thing okay so we’ve already talked about
performance the desktop is the clear winner but we did want it to go a little
bit past that to kind of walk you through what are some of the pros and
cons of having a notebook and having a desktop and I’m gonna start with the
exterior the looks so Mike what do you think of your desktop PC personally I
love the looks I mean it looks like microwave yeah but I mean I think we’re
I think now we’re just gonna be talking about really obvious things right yeah I
mean I love the légion why 740 because it’s very minimalistic not to gamer II I
mean I’ve got ports at the back that’s conveniently accessible which is nice I
will find is conveniently accessible because you have to reach around the
screen first of all first of all let’s be honest I have a USB type-c port which
supports none of all three I have no USB type-c ports none see that’s a that’s a
major problem I think that’s one of the things that I saw in mind its quantity
of USB type aids over quality of inputs and output all right Mike oh you ready
for this this rapid fire round I’ve got speakers and they sound amazing
this notebook has a dedicated subwoofer and it’s probably one of the best
sounding systems on a laptop I’ve got I’ve got no now speaker which I had to
purchase separately but there you go I’ve also have a display it’s 144 Hertz
1080p g-sync I mean it’s an all-in-one package how
about you you need to use your notebook your your your your notebook to talk
about but okay so I think I think that also has a lot to do with lifestyle
right is I like having a separate PC for a desktop and then a really really thin
and like portable nor notebook like this x1 so the next thing that we need to
talk about is a great ability so I’m going to start with a notebook it’s
fairly easily accessible so you’ve got two memory slots can be aware 32
gigabytes there’s only one m2 slot that’s already populated by the Windows
drive but unfortunately I really wished if they added an extra n dr. slot
because it’s a 17 inch laptop in the first place and there are other
notebooks in the market with that configuration now the two and a half
inch hard drive bay can be swapped for an SSD if you want something a little
bit faster and that’s about it you can upgrade the CPU you can’t upgrade the
GPU but I think that’s where the desktop comes in yeah Lenovo allows you to
upgrade a couple of the components number one is the GPU the GPU is on a
tool as bracket and can just be pulled out and easily replaced the hard drives
there’s one additional caddy that has a hot swap adapter you just push in
another hard drive and you’re good to go the other area that can be upgraded as
the memory but with 32 gigabytes and this one you probably don’t want to do
that the one thing that I was really hoping for is another m2 slot because
I’ve already come up to almost the maximum capacity of that nvme drive I
would have liked another high-speed storage option on the Z 370 motherboard
all right so I think it’s time to conclude this video and I think we’re
gonna find a winner or at least I think we’re gonna fight for ourselves to find
a winner because I’m unhappy with this guy I’m happy with this guy we’re gonna
keep you talk with adaptability and I think that goes to the notebook why
because it’s an all-in-one package you get a display a really good display and
it comes with a keyboard speakers it’s it’s an all pal it’s an all-inclusive
package you can gain comfortably on it you can edit videos if you do want to do
that and it’s portable which means this comes with you wherever you go
where are you okay hanging around with like 15 pounds on you well if you go for
the 15 inch version of the Wyson 40 then that that can be easily disregarded and
I think from an adaptability standpoint I want a gaming desktop and a less
expensive but very efficient notebook and that for me is my definition of
adaptability well next up we have upgrade ability and that clearly goes to
the desktop whereas with a notebook it’s very limited finally we have performance
or second last we have performance and I think the desktop takes the edge once
again it does but it’s not as much of an edge that I actually thought was gonna
be there it’s 25% better but it also shows how powerful those notebooks are
becoming now the last category is value and I think this clearly has to go to
the notebook why because for the same price as we Specht out as I want to
refer back to this mind my point earlier is that it’s an all-in-one package you
get a display get a keyboard where it’s the desktop you
to invest in additional accessories like a display like a keyboard and a mouse
maybe but at the same time for me value also has to do with how quiet the system
is it also has to do with that upgrade ability factor so I think what we’re
coming to a conclusion of here is that it really depends on what your lifestyle
is or not I mean I’m gonna be honest man I’m I’m pretty happy with this notebook
and I’m sorry I think this is desktop so I don’t know how are we supposed to sell
this now all right so let’s go uh tails is this guy all right heads is yours
okay all right fingers crossed if that would go in there yeah my boy Wow all
right I guess that’s it desktop that concludes this video thank you so much
for watching guys and let us know which one you would prefer yeah thanks so much
for watching and we’ll see you in the next one are you trying to like static
clean your no but I don’t want to well it’s I’m so hopped up and that’s where
the another shark Athena

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